Using an Open Collaboration Platform for Your Business

enterprisecollaborationsocialintranetplatforms2013venndiagramWhen you have a business, you know how important it is for everyone to have access to the right documentation and the right papers at any given moment. As some people work outside the office, they need to be in constant touch with the management and with everyone else who need to know what is going on.

Apart from this, with all the technological development, you don’t have now to come over to the office and bring different papers or different documents, as you can now upload them directly online and use emails or cloud to share different files.

However, even with all these, there are the open collaboration platforms that help everyone in the business have instant access to documents and other software that is needed to run a smooth business.

Why Choosing These Platforms

It’s important for a business to integrate a social lawyer, as these can be found in every website and every application that is used. The activity streams and the social graphs are central for enterprise collaboration, and the IT organizations have got the perfect solution with this.

The consumers have also transformed the enterprise users’ practices and the rest of the processes, and the social enterprise platforms are secured and robust. This is because these offer the best practices, through leverage, standard IT investments, while being professionally supported

The Solutions

Image_BuyersGuide2_RedboothFor those who are looking for the right solution for getting the best open collaboration platform, there are different social intranet solutions for everyone to choose from. There are different collaboration tools, like forums, wikis, calendars or documents that are smartly integrated in the activity streams, workspaces and social networks.

These platforms are also great for creating online communities for customers, fans or partners. You can offer them different polls, collaborative FAQs and discussion forums, but you can also build sub communities built on different topics.

What It Means

When you think of a using a collaboration platform, consider that it is adequate for those who want to have instant access to different information, just like you have on Facebook or Twitter. The truth is that many collaboration platforms are made to look like these pages, as they are easy to use and it adds a broad social networking capability to the work process. The goal of the software designed for collaboration applications are made to foster the innovation by incorporating the management knowledge into the business process, so that the employees can solve business problems and share information more efficiently.

The vendors are now taking different approaches in building collaboration platforms. Some of them are adding the social layer that is so looked upon, while others are preferring to embed new collaboration tools into the newer products.

530337f2596bfHowever, all of them are sharing certain attributes, like easy access and easy to use programs, while also being built for integration with a common set of functions. It’s important for employees to support the collaboration between team members, instant messaging and issue tracking.


Some of them are requesting the companies to pay a fee for using their products, depending on the number of people who will use it. However, there are also free collaboration platforms, where you don’t have to pay for using it. It’s something that depends on your needs, and you’ll need to know exactly what each platform offers before choosing one for your business. You’ll have to look at what facilities are offered, how the functions work and what amount of virtual space you can use for your needs.